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Provider Services

The Oregon Health Plan Care Coordination (OHPCC) program supports providers while assisting our members in becoming and staying healthy.

We provide essential information, healthcare and support services to people covered by Oregon’s Medicaid Program, Oregon Health Plan. The OHPCC program is available for all Oregon Health Plan members who are not enrolled in a Coordinated Care Organization.

We support our members by reinforcing the treatment plans developed by you, their healthcare provider, and by educating patients on making responsible decisions about their healthcare.

To assist Oregon Providers, we offer:

  • Assistance with OHPCC program members to keep their scheduled appointments with you
  • A collaborative field-based model leveraging partnerships with providers to enhance coordination of care
  • A comprehensive approach addressing health and non-health related issues to achieve successful outcomes
  • Assistance in monitoring progress and outcomes of their patients
  • Support for identifying and closing gaps in needed care and services to participants

Enrolled Members Receive:

  • A healthcare team led by a Nurse Health Coach providing participants with support to discuss their health, assess their needs and coordinate care
  • Educational materials to encourage participant self-management of their health
  • Access to a toll-free, 24-hour nurse phone line
  • Coordination of community resources such as sources for food, shelter and transportation to reduce social barriers to maintaining health

Oregon Providers are encouraged to refer eligible, fee-for-service clients into the Oregon Health Plan Care Coordination Program by calling 1-800-562-4620.